About Us

Okay well first of all it's just me. One woman trying to support her kid, and hopefully even have the resources to help some other moms someday, cause I don't know a single one that is getting enough rest aside from Mariah Carey, and I don't actually know her.  I am one of the thousands of women who was diagnosed as a jerk instead of autistic as a child, and I was taught that I would never be able to be myself and also be sucessful in life. I did my best to mask but I failed miserably, so I embraced my "quirks" if you will. But after 20 years as an accomplished but impoverished stand up comic, it was getting harder and harder to believe in myself. Then covid came and wiped out the last shreds of the life I was pushing so hard to create. I had to start over and I had no idea where to begin or even where I wanted to go. Ya know I am not a kid anymore, and I am the sole parent of a 4 year old, so I can't just couch surf and eat mustard sandwiches like I used to, right?   So here I am, trying to use all the spiritual and behavioral health stuff I have learned over the years, doing my best to stay positive and trust the universe, chanting, and meditating and BAM! Out of the blue I had an idea for t-shirts based on and inspired by my years as a sex positive, feminist comedian. So I taught myself a simple design app, stayed awake for 5 days to set up a print on demand library, built this website. That's it. Just a mommy on her hustle trying to support her kid and her community and express herself in a healthy and constructive fashion while empowering a bunch of strangers on the way. I appreciate your clicks and I hope "we" made you smile!

Owner/operator LADYBOMB