Return Policy

If you already read the "About Us" section then you know I am just one neurodivergent weirdo on a mission to pay my bills and smash the patriarchy. Point being I am not some big corporate outfit with a staff and a postage account. Hell I don't even have a computer, I am doing all this from a Galaxy 6 active! So realistically, unless your item is damaged, defective, or doesn't show up at all, I am probably gonna give you a fairly polite but sarcastic response and then carry on doing my best to survive. However, IF your shit arrives broken, or it was made wrong, or doesn't get there at all, I will fight my fulfillment partner to the the death if I have to, in order to set things right. That is a pinkie promise.


Privacy Policy

Your info will not be used for anything  but sending you your order and billing. No lists, no sharing, no worries.


Personal Policy

Other than that my policy is inclusion. If you say you are a woman then you are, love is love, Black Lives Matter, and laughter is the best medicine. We carry sizes XS-5X and they all cost the same, no fat tax. So no matter if your style is witchy, boho, hippie, goth, flowy, sexy, business, badass, or whatever, I want to make as many folks as possible feel happy and empowered. Period. *giggles cause she said period*